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See Who is Nearby And Exchange contacts

Hey-Hello is a free application that allows you to discover people nearby or search by city and exchange complete social cards. Meet new friends and expand your network on Campus, at work or at social events.

Smart Phones Need Smart Contacts

Create and exchange social cards that are saved on your phone book and never lost even if you lose your phone. Your contacts will include picture, email, social network links and more. Know More
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Best Contacts management App

Exchange contact with a push of a button, share your contacts with everyone around with airdrop, or send to new and old friends on social networks, text or by email. Know More

Why Hey-Hello

Smart and Social

Contacts are more than names and numbers

Replace your contacts with social cards by adding pictures, emails, social network links that are saved in one place.

Hey-Hello will update your phonebook if one of your contacts join the network or change any information. Your contacts are always saved and can be downloaded to any devices of your choice.

See Who is Nearby

Expand your network

Search by city, find people when you are travelling to befriend, and connect with ease. the ten closest members will be always available to view in recommendation menu.

You are always in charge, you can accept or reject any invitations to connect and we assure you that your privacy is never compromised.

Working or Studying From Home

Eliminate Remote

Hey-Hello helps you exchange contact information remotely without being in same place. Remote does not mean unsocial. Send your Social or Business card to people by email.

Your contacts are always updated replacing traditional stacks of old business cards.